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Node GH GitHub command line tools

Install via NPM

[sudo] npm install gh -g

You need NodeJS to do that.

Pull Requests

List open pulls requests for the current branch.

gh pr

Fetch pull request into a new branch.

gh pr 1

Submit a pull request.

gh pr --submit eduardolundgren
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List open issues on the current repository.

gh is

Create a new issue on the current repository.

gh is "Node GH rocks!" "**Markdown** support"

Comment on an issue of the current repository.

gh is 1 --comment 'Node GH rocks!'
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Display the latest repository activities.

gh nt

Watch for any repository activity.

gh nt --watch
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Open repository page in the browser.

gh re

List all private repositories.

gh re --list --type private

Create a new repository and clone it.

gh re --new foo --clone
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Open your Gists in the browser.

gh gi

Create a Gist pasting the contents of your clipboard.

gh gi --new foo.js --paste

Fork a Gist.

gh gi --fork 5444883
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